made in shop

Since day one (Now over a decade ago!) our goal was to use American made products and always USA stitchers.   As manufacturing has continued to go over seas, we still hunt for the best local sewing professionals to help us with our line. Small business supporting other small businesses. Our line has evolved over the years...and this year it is taking another turn...going  back to infusing more luxe and special pieces in our line.  That was the origins of the shop. So that two year stop over before I went back to Manhattan...seems to have extended itself...and we are very happy about that..



off- season sampling


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nice little article when we first opened



We do it all...

It's a tiny  shop.  We cut the clothes, we sew the clothes, we print the tees, we work in the store, man the website, take the photos, we do the ads and we mop the floors... occasionally.